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Winter & Spring Quarter 2012 D-WRD Meeting Times

Meeting times: 10:00-11:00 a.m.
143 McGaw Hall.

 Friday, January 20th:

  • Planning for WQ
  • Discussion item: “themes” and metaphors in student digital portfolios

 Friday, February 3rd:

 Friday, February 17th:

  • Reading: Randall McClure: “WritingResearchWriting: The Semantic Web and the Future of the Research Project.” Computers and Composition. Volume 28, Issue 4, December 2011, Pages 315–326. [Direct DePaul Library link].
  • Overview of the “curated model” of student digital portfolios in Digication  

 Friday, March 2nd:

 Friday, March 16th:

  • DePaul E-Portfolio Community Meeting  9:30-11am, Levan (2322 N. Kenmore) room 307

 Friday, April 20th:

 Friday, April 27th

Alternative model on generative ideas:

    • Perspectives: provide your perspective
    • Ideas: add additional ideas
    • Examples: provide examples to support your idea
    • Questions: ask follow-up questions

 Friday, May 18th

  • Monica Westin will be joining us to show us how she’s been using Digication in her New Media Studies course; she has developed a creative use of the platform where topics are developed in one course, and live on in productive ways for subsequent courses. She’s also preparing students for “Digital Museums and Archives” that they will be putting on at the DePaul Art Museum during finals week.
  • Hackasaurus and Kompozer for remix projects

 Friday, June 1st

  • At our final meeting, for those of you interested in developing a photo-essay assignment with a multimodal emphasis for your Autumn 2012 courses, we will [1] compose an assignment together [2] complete the assignment ourselves over the summer, and [3] present them at our first D-WRD meeting of the AQ.