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Digication Workshop notes: 05/19/18

Laura Durnell, Sarah Brown, and I met this morning and fined tuned our practice with some of the newly updated Digication features, especially the much-improved Rich Text module. Very productive!

Also, please have a look at Katie Martin’s new Digication tutorial videos, via the UCWbL’s excellent GetHELP site -very helpful, and Ms. Martin reports that additional videos are in the works, so stay tuned. You can subscribe to their YouTube video tutorial page.

Finally, we have a new entry on our Digital Writing Portfolio Gallery — Elona Selenica’s – thanks to Margaret Poncin. Thanks, Ms. Poncin!

Just as a reminder, if you encounter any interesting digital-writing portfolios in your collecting process in a few weeks, especially ones that model reflection and interesting ways of presenting a student’s work in various stages of their writing/composing processes, pretty-please consider asking the student if we can include it in the gallery? Good metacognitive reflections tend to be the most helpful for new instructors and for students to see. While compelling design efforts are always welcome, it’s the integration of work and reflection on that work – writing about writing — that we’re after.

If you have any candidates, maybe you could reach out to them to ask permission to add their portfolios, or I’d be happy to do it, too, if that saves you some time. You’ll see that we ask for a brief 50-75 word annotations that we can use to accompany the portfolio link — usually in an encouraging, supportive tone — and students we’ve invited in the past often seem flattered to be included, so that brief annotation has never seemed a burden.

Pretty-please let me know if you have any sample portfolios that we can add?

Thanks for reading –