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Three approaches to multimodal composing

This page is designed to show new and experienced colleagues three possible models, methods, and approaches to multimodal composing: textual/hybrid; digital; and material.

For context, see Multimodality & Multimodal Composing in First Year WritingMultimodal Composing: Claims & Implementation (2014) and Toward Some Shared Vocabulary and Assumptions: Literacy & Technology (2013).

Have a multimodal assignment and resulting student project — with their permission — that you’d like to contribute here? Please send them to Michael.

Hybrid—alphabetic text, visuals; multimodal essays; photo essays; exploring textual & typographic conventions



Multimodal Essay (Saeta)

Student Project:
Multimodal Essay:
“Adidas is all In!” (King)



Room for Debate (Rozzell)

Is Chronic Lyme Disease, or Post
Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome
simply a fad diagnosis? If it isn’t, is a
long-term course of antibiotics the
correct treatment?



Photo Essay (Olivier)

Student Project:
“last night was mad trill.” (Arrington)



Typographic conventions:
Why did you …? (Moore)

Student Project:
Student responses


Digital: blogs, social media, audio, video, photo/audio essays; might include remix & remediation, typographic explorations

Multimodal Remix (Hermes)

Student Project:
“My Remix Project” (Walton)




Multimodal Essay

Student Project:
“What Does a Newspaper Sound Like?”


Material & evocative: 
may include print, digital, remix, remediation …



Genre Challenge (MacKenna-Sandhir)

Two student examples:
The Ventriloquist & The Disruptor



Remix the New York Times

Student Project:
“The NYT Business Section, Remixed” (+ SoGC)