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2012 Presidential Election: Rhetoric, Technology, and Politics

Using the Election in our WRD Classes: Hermes & Moore

Visual Argument:

  • Jobs and the Economy
  • Education
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Immigration
  • Tax Policy
  • Health Care
  • Foreign Policy and Defense

Students can choose one of the issues above or survey each other to find what matters to them, then research one or more of these issues in order to create campaign materials like buttons, advertising, brochures or posters around it.

Rhetorical Analysis:
Students look at campaign ads and analyze how the candidates are attempting to appeal to voters.

Students research one candidate and revise his/her campaign to appeal to younger voters by creating brochures, slide shows, biographies or Facebook pages or other social media strategies to introduce that candidate.

Choose an intended audience in this election — young people, Latino Community, Women, Senior citizens, etc. — and write a speech for one of the candidates to deliver to that audience with the purpose of getting their vote.

Research in 104:
To strengthen research skills, students in 104 can look at claims and statements made by candidates and do research to determine truth. Some helpful sites for this are-

Good resources:

 From Julie:

I’m doing a rhetorical analysis assignment on presidential speeches, using the following sites as options: