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Notes: 09/21/18

Session Notes:

Hi, D-WRD Colleagues — 
A small group of us met last Friday — Lydia Saravia, Victoria Hohenzy, Sarah Brown, Alan Ackmann, Deborah Rintels Weiner, and we were able to workshop two excellent assignments: Lydia’s FYW multimodal curriculum, which will be ongoing, throughout her course, in every assignment, every step of the way (in some places, drawing on the conventions of the NYT Lens Section:, and Deborah’s ongoing long-term civic engagement connections with FYW, which integrates authentic, community-based engagement with the learning outcomes in FYW. 
Both were perfect for reflecting, planning ideas, classroom pacing, logistics, and being inspired!
Our next session is Friday, October 12th: “Teaching Gen Z,” facilitated by Tricia Hermes; you can already tell that’s going to be a good one. Keep an eye out for a pre-session reading. 
We updated the November 2nd session — which will be Week 9 —  to focus on preparing for student Digital Writing Portfolios: assigning, supporting, collecting, reading, and assessing.
Looking ahead to the WQ:

Winter Quarter, 2019

  • Friday, January 18th: Teaching writing in online courses, ongoing — with Alan Ackmann (Business & Professional Writing), First Year Writing contexts; readings  provided beforehand that will help us to explore disciplinary contexts, and to provide more possible cross-pollination opportunities 
Call for multimodal composing assignments
To help prepare for Kathleen Yancey’s upcoming visit in two weeks, Erin Workman is seeking any recent multimodal composing assignments that aren’t already included here: — and that she can share with Professor Yancey. Please send anything you’d like to share directly to Erin, or to me, and I’ll pass them along.
Thanks for reading — and please be in touch if you need any help or want some conversation about your teaching-with-technology efforts —