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WRD Computer Classroom Protocols

The technology and software available in 300 and 301 SAC  allows for a wide range of direct instruction methods, and for exploring creative, collaborative, collective, and multi-modal techniques that inform contemporary literacy practices.

Faculty members using the room are responsible for the room’s security:

  • Never leave the room with students left behind, unattended
  • Never prop the door open and leave the room unattended
  • Do not allow students to use the room who are not enrolled in your classes. 143 and 202 are not labs.

Assume nothing. Be sure that you know how the room currently operates before you attempt to teach in it. If you intend to execute a file type or play a kind of media you have not used before in the room, for example, you must visit the room during open hours and run tests.

Have a back-up plan. The university does not provide “emergency service” for our SAC computer classrooms.

Please invite students to be good neighbors and community members:  throw away garbage and shut off monitors before leaving.

Have a problem?
The department has exclusive control over technology in the department’s offices and in our SAC computer classrooms only.  If you are having problems with the technology in SAC 300 or SAC 301, complete and submit this Google Doc form.  This is the only way problems will be resolved in those locations.

If you have a problem in any other classroom on campus, including other rooms in SAC, contact ONLY the Technology Support Center (TSC or “Help Desk”) 312-362-8765.  If the room in which you are meeting is equipped with technology that allows you to contact the TSC directly from the room, please use it.

As always should be the case when planning to use digital technologies in your classes–make sure that you have tested the equipment in advance so that you’ll know it will do what you want it to do, and always have a back-up plan.

Please do not contact or visit the office staff in 250 SAC about technology issues. They have been instructed to provide only the information included here.


Printing is not available in our SAC computer classrooms.  Students can print, however, downstairs in the SAC 284 lab.

Thanks for helping ensure a successful experience for everyone in our computer classrooms!

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