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Thursday, 2/17 @ The Art Institute of Chicago

image title 6 pm, James Elkins (School of the Art Institute) revisits his observations on how we see things with a particular look at art.

Elkins can be helpful as we navigate possibilities in multimodal composing:

“Outside of painting, sculpture, and architecture, and outside of television, advertising, film, and other mass media, what kinds of images do people care about? It turns out that images are being made and discussed in dozens of fields, throughout the university and well beyond the humanities. Some fields, such as biochemistry and astronomy, are image-obsessed; others think and work through images.”

“So far visual studies has mainly taken an interest in fine art and mass media, leaving these other images — which are really the vast majority of all images produced in universities — relatively unstudied. Outside the university, scientific images crop up in magazines, on the internet, in popular-science books.”

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