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D-WRD session: using Online Rooms in D2L with John Buckvold

John Buckvold will be facilitating our 4/17 D-WRD session — usual time, 10-11 a.m. — via the Online Rooms feature in D2L. John has added a News Item to the D-WRD D2L site with instructions for how to connect to our Online Rooms, and how to participate.

If you have any trouble accessing the D-WRD D2L site, let Michael know.

The purpose of the session is to see how John facilitates Online Room events, and we have a Multimodal Composing topic for discussion.

You can join us from home, or your office, or Starbucks, or wherever you might be tomorrow morning. Hope to see you there — and thanks, John!


Highly recommended: John embedded some nice explanatory slides — guidelines, tips, best practices — in his Online Room session that you can view in his recorded version. 

John’s notes:

One of the major benefits of Online Rooms (or whatever replaces it) is that those who weren’t able to attend can still see what they missed by going to the archives.  So, for example, if you happened to be sunning yourself at Fullerton Beach Friday morning while the forum was being held, no problem–you can just follow the procedure below to review it.  And an added plus–you can skip over all the yadda, yadda, yadda parts. 


Here are the simple steps to access the recording of our forum:

The link to our site:

  1. Go to More (upper-left corner) and hit the dropdown arrow;
  2. Select Online Rooms;
  3. Go to the link for the forum and a dropdown menu will appear;
  4. Select “View Archives”;
  5. Select the forum and proceed from there;
  6. If you’re having trouble, call Alex Joppie at 773.325.1099