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Digication’s old-to-new conversion tool

If you’re in the group who has been waiting patiently for Digication’s conversion tool, it’s now available — it allows you to convert any of your previous “old” Digication sites into the “new” Digication format. Here’s an example:

NYT site before conversion:

NYT site after conversion:

You’ll see that there are some spacing issues and little things I’ll need to tinker with.

It’s a pretty straightforward process — look in your Portfolio Tools drop-down menu, and you’ll see “Try Upgrade” —  easier than Digication’s documentation implies: 

Katie Martin and Edward Evins have generously supplied us with their examples:— you’ll need to be logged in to Digication to access them (Private within DePaul):

Here’s the before 
And here’s the after



Again, you’ll undoubtedly need to do some post-conversion tinkering with spacing and alignment, but I haven’t found that part to be overly cumbersome so far. 

Feel free to be in touch if you try it out and want any help or problem solving! If any of you are game for sharing, it would be nice if we had one more before-and-after example.

Thanks for reading!