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Call for Digital Pedagogy Posters, CCCC 2015, Tampa FL

The CCCC panels for 2015 in Tampa are set, but the Digital Pedagogy Poster (DPP) organizers are just beginning to look for folks to present at CCCC in March. 

Send us your Digital Pedagogy Poster proposals!  

If you are experimenting with digital technologies in your courses or in educational units (i.e., Writing Centers, WAC programs, community media projects, etc.), please submit a proposal via this online form:
Last year’s sessions were both very well attended (over 150 attendees) and wildly interactive. We do our best to provide an engaged audience by setting up two rounds of posters back to back. During the first round, second-round poster presenters are part of the audience. During the second round, first-round poster presenters are part of the audience. Of course many others join in as well. There will be few times when you are not engaged in deep conversations about your project or the projects of others. An additional advantage for those living in the Southeast is that you can involve graduate and undergraduate students in the preparation and delivery of our poster sessions. One goal of the DPP has always been to meet and talk to students from the classes or organizations where digital pedagogies are enacted! 

If you would like to propose a poster presentation (as a team or individually), please fill out the form at this address: The deadline is October 13th. If that URL gives you problems, try 

If you are considering your options, here are answers to the questions most frequently asked about Digital Pedagogy Poster presentations:

  • Your participation this year will NOT count as your “one presentation” at CCCC.
  • We will have our own “room” for these posters, and they will be held on Thurs & Friday, not on Wed.
  • These posters will be reviewed (outside the formal CCCC review process, obviously). After the review, we will provide you by mid- to late-November with an official letter from the 7Cs indicating that your proposal was reviewed and that you will be presenting in Indianapolis. Names will also be in the Digital Pedagogy program (handed out on site) and in the CCCC online program.
  • If you would like to see a list of last year’s poster titles, go to

If you have any trouble with the online submission form, just send this information via email to <>.

  • Full name, affiliation, and contact information.
  • A short 50 word description of your Digital Pedagogy approach or assignment
  • A spiffy title
  • If appropriate, your team members’ names and emails

Because CCCC is committed to supporting these posters and other Computer Connection events, we are promised an excellent space that is well equipped and connected: power, projection, screens, tables, and poster stands. 

As usual DPP is working with Doug Eyman to coordinate our poster events with the Computer Connection (CC) sessions. The differences between the two types of sessions are substantial. During DPP sessions you are one of 5-8 other poster presenters with an audience that makes its way around the room talking with all or most of the poster presenters. We manage the DPP events so that we have a built in audience of other poster presenters. The CC sessions are short, interactive, more traditional panels and demonstrations. They involve two or three presenters and a stationary audience. To review the titles of the 2014 CC proposals, go to


Dr. Richard (Dickie) Selfe <>
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Writing Center Coordinator
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