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The Lens Part of Photography

“The above is the title of a surprisingly large twenty-live cents’ worth of practical in-  formation concerning photographic lenses,  their properties, functions, and use. It is written by R. D. Gray, a gentleman whose  practical and technical knowledge of photographic optics qualifies him to speak authoritatively. The book is well illustrated, both  with the necessary diagrams to supplement  the text and examples of photographic work  of different kinds. Some idea of the contents  may be gathered from a few of the chapter  headings, amongst which are: Testing Lenses, Table of View Angles. Copying, Shutter Efficiency, and Photographing Tall Buildings.”

“Copies can be obtained, postpaid, upon  receipt of twenty-five cents, from Gray, Lloyd  & Company, Ridgewood, New Jersey.”

— Description from Camera Craft: A Photographic Monthly.
Volume XVIII, San Francisco, 1911.