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Hawaiian surf chant, c.1819

Ina`a `ohe nalu, a laila aku i kai, penei e hea ai:
(If there is no surf, invoke seaward in the following manner)

“Ku mai! Ku mai! Ka nalu nui mai Kahiki mai,
(Arise! Arise! You great waves from Kahiki)

Alo po i pu! Ku mai ka pohuehue,
(The powerful curling waves. Arise with the pohuehue)

Hu! Kai ko’o Loa.”
(Well up long raging surf.)

If there was a dearth of waves, the appointed priest would take several strands of pohuehue (Hawaiian Morning Glory flower) and in unison with a swimming party, would swing the vines around and lash them “unitedly upon the water until the desired undulating waves were obtained.”

— Finnery & Houston, Surfing: Sport of Hawaiian Kings, 1966.