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Katy: no-phone journal

  • When I originally told my mom that I wouln’t have a phone, her texts read, “Please don’t.  NOT SAFE!”, “How will we communicate with you????, “What if thre is an emergency???”  This made me think how heavily we rely on phones for “safety.”  Do phones really make me anymore “safe.”
  • I traveled to my community service site using trains and buses without the use of the usual app I use. I looked up how to get there online before I left and then asked questions to the bus driver and other passangers which I would have never done if I did not have my phone.
  • I wasn’t able to be in the group message with my friends about when we would get dinner together, so I went by myself and just sat by myself or found freinds so sit with.
  • I constantly wanted to check my phone and social media sites whenever I had a spare second not doing anything–couldn’t sit still and not do anything.
  • Every night, I try to give myself “alone” and “quiet” time in bed before I fall asleep and almost always, that involves midlessly scrolling through my phone.  I found new ways to occupy my free time.
  • I actually had to use an alarm clock and watch.
  • I wanted to call family back at home, but I couldn’t use another phone because I didn’t have their phone numbers memorized.
  • Felt a little anxious at times not having my phone in my hands.
  • Found myself to be more observant of my surroundings.
  • More engaged in conversation
  • At times I found myself wanting to post things on social media, and when I realzied that I couldn’t, I really took a step back and reflected on what moments I am missing out on because I was so concerned with posting it on social media
  • Focused a lot better on studying and homework–a large distraction of mine was removed.