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Anela: no-phone journal

Day 1:

  • Right before I had to give my phone in I got really shaky and nervous
  • Once I got rid of it I flt like I kept forgetting it in the last class I was in
  • I had to text Paige to ask if she was coming to a meeting..I couldn’t
  • I couldn’t checkt the time, (No I didn’t where my watch) So I literally took my laptop out in the middle of the hallway to check.
  • Room number changed for a meeting and I couldn’t text Resi, so I had to stay in the hallway until she showed up to bring her to the new room
  • Had to call Alen to pick me up from Resi’s phone
  • MAIN LESSON: Our phone can be used for so much more then we think

Day 2:

  • Saw a picture of something in the student center and wanted to take a picture but couldn’t because I didn’t have my phone
  • MAIN LESSON: Having a phone is a recopnsibliiy where you can’t forget it anywhere. 

Day 3:

  • Not having a phone to call someone to come pick me up from the train was the worst part, I think. I ended up using my advisors phone to call! (I explained my social experiment to her first)
  • Sitting on the train on my way home, on the brown line. The train was full this day and everyone around me were on their phone. From listening to music, texting, or watching a video. Everyone was glued to it, while I just sat there, thinking, and having me time. It was quite relaxing to be honest. I got to read much more in the last three days ebcause I had no distractions on the train. So my only two options were to sit there lonely and bored, or to read. 
  • We spend too much time on our phones, and I really experemced that my third and final day.
  • I should take more breaks from using my phone and just live life in the moment
  • MAIN LESSON: Without a phone for three days, I have been more social, got more work done, and able to take a break and just think about life for a second.