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Gabi: no-phone journal

Journal Day 1-Tues

I keep feeling like I was missing something, I keep looking for my phone on a table or something like that, because I don’t want to lose it.  Besides that feeling the the first thing that i noticed was the fact that I didn’t know the time at all times, I didn’t know that not knowing the time would bother me so much but it did. There was this constant fear that I would be late to everywhere. Speaking of being late to everything I had no clue what to do for an alarm clock but thankfully my friend Cathy had one to give me and let me tell you it was awful to program. I had no idea how to set it up, it took me around an hour.

Texting people is not a problem because I have my messages synced up with my computer. But a computer is a lot harder to lug around than a phone.

Day 2 Wednesday

I still forgot to wear a watch, so I still don’t know the time of day most of the time, but the el is really helpful because it says the time of day on the watch. I’m constantly with people I know so if anything happens in a groupchat I’m in I can have them tell me as well. I did run into a problem today though. My old co-workers were visiting their friend that also goes to DePaul and they asked me to meet up with them in the quad. Now normally this would not have been a problem but I’m checked into a different dorm as I am doing homework with friends and I need to get checked back in. My solution to this problem was to write my friends number down on my hand so I could use my coworkers phone to  call and tell them when I was on my way back. This worked really well but was still a hassle.

Day 3 Thursday

No WRD class today so I got to sleep in! This meant turning off that awful alarm clock, so I would be able to sleep in. Today was very uneventful and I didn’t even need my phone mostly because I was in my Discover class for a really long time and I slept for most of the day. I am getting tired of saying “hey, can you do ‘blank’ for me? I don’t have my phone.” or “sorry, I can’t I don’t have my phone.” My friends were perplexed as to why I gave up my phone but they are still very understanding. Another thing that I have noticed is that I made a lot more uncomfortable eye contact with people on public transportation. I would have put my phone away today anyway because I am studying for my accounting midterm and really need to focus.