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Course Texts & Materials (Required)

We have two required course texts for our section of WRD103:

 The St. Martin’s Handbook, 8/e Andrea A. Lunsford. Hard copy in print: ISBN: 978-1319053888 (includes four-year online Launchpad access)

 The New York Times: Sunday print edition

  • On-campus students who live in residence halls: you will subscribe to the New York Times at the campus bookstore and you’ll pick up your Sunday print edition each week at the library Circulation Desk . DePaul.edu discount rate 10 weeks @ $4.25=$42.50 (regularly $6.00/$60.00.)
  • Off-campus, commuting students: You will subscribe to the New York Times Sunday print edition online, and your newspapers will be delivered to your off-campus home address. The .edu discount applies to you, too.

In order to receive credit for this course, you need to bring your Sunday print copy to class — every class — unless we made other arrangements during Week 2.

We’ll be reading the New York Times seven days a week in various print and digital formats: our Sunday edition is in print, and the other six days we access it on the web, or via mobile apps, tablet apps, “Today’s Paper” app, and other possibilities.

  • Highly Recommended: you’ll want to acquire an external hard drive for your work, projects, files, etc., and you should back up your work regularly. I have developed the practice of backing up all of my work every Friday afternoon — it only takes a few minutes — and the peace of mind is worth it. I speak both from personal experience and from watching far too many colleagues and students lose all of their work, always at the worst possible time, because it was not backed-up, saved, or archived anywhere.