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Course Calendar

Please note that this calendar is designed to be flexible: we may make changes along the way, depending on your interests and the needs of the class. Should you miss a class, you are responsible for knowing about—and adjusting for—any changes by getting notes and other materials from a classmate. Professional protocols and collegiality call for you to alert us if you’ll be missing on a day when we’re having a workshop or when you are scheduled to present materials.

 Week 1
Introductions, key concepts, & course goals

Tuesday, March 28

In class: Introductions, key concepts, & course goals

Theories of Technology

  • Instrumental
  • Substantive
  • Critical (Feenberg)
  • Cyborg (Haraway)

Pedagogy & Teaching Statement workshop

DuePedagogy & Teaching Statement draft
BackgroundAssignment Design

Note: Duke University’s English Composition I MOOC

Week 2
Hybrid; Hybridity 
No F2F meeting: Hybrid week

No in-person class meeting; hybrid activities
Due: Duke MOOC reflection on D2L discussion forum — due Sunday, 4/9 — informal is fine, with the goal of these posts being generative for our Week 3 class discussions

Reading: Warnock, “Introduction” — prepare to discuss in class week 3: questions, concerns, generative ideas

 Week 3
Technology Tools & Strategies
Tuesday, April 11

In class: Preliminary Writing Assignments & discuss Duke MOOC
Due: Duke MOOC reflection — due Monday, 4/17

Reading: Warnock, chapters 3-4
PreviewInnovative Writing Tool Research, Inquiry & Assessment 


Northern Virginia Community College:

Aurora University:

 Week 4
Conversation and online discussion forums
No F2F meeting:
Hybrid week

No in-person class meeting; hybrid activities via D2L discussion forums TBA

Reading: Warnock, chapters 7-9

Post your Warnock reading response — what’s new and interesting here? what’s not? what’s potentially generative in your case (future planning, teaching, administering) — by Monday 4/17

Post your Innovative Writing Tool Research, Inquiry & Assessment (post to D2L by 4/25)

Post your revised Teaching Statement by 4/23 and respond to one classmates with both encouragement and constructive criticism by 4/25

 Week 5
Course Project Proposals
Tuesday, April 25

In class: workshopping Project Proposals
Reading: Warnock, 12-13
Due: Proposal drafts


 Week 6
Course Project Workshop online

No F2F meeting:
Hybrid week

No in-person class meeting:

Due: Formal Project Proposal with context from Warnock, or your pedagogy statement, or NCTE/OWI — email your proposal to Michael, due May 2 

Upcoming: initial assignment (pilot) — presented informally in class week 7

 Week 7
Course Project Workshop
Tuesday, May 9

In class: TBA
: Inclusive learning & teaching environments; working with diverse student populations (handout)

Due: Project assignment draft, presented informally in class

 Week 8
Course Project Workshop
No F2F meeting: 
Hybrid week

No in-person class meeting; hybrid activities TBA

Reading: Warnock, 12
Due: Project draft #2 is due Sunday, 5/14, posted to the draft #2 D2L discussion forum. This draft can be a revision of your first assignment or you can move on to the next assignment in your unit — it’s up to you. 

Due: respond to at least one classmate’s draft #2 — Due Tuesday, 5/16 — based on the questions they pose

 Week 9
Course Project Workshop: online coursework assessment
Tuesday, May 23

In classCourse Project Workshop
Reading: Warnock, 17
Due: Project draft #3, posted to our Draft #3 D2L forum

These will be 5-7 minute presentations, where you walk us through your project, pointing out:

  • Connections to your pedagogy
  • Student learning outcomes: how can these assignments benefit students?
  • The role of technology — how did it promote or constrain what you wanted to do OR how it functions as an “interface” between you, students, and the institution. 
  • If you were starting all over, what would you do differently? 
 Week 10
Course Project & Portfolio Workshop
No F2F meeting:Hybrid week

No in-person class meeting; hybrid activities
Due: Assignment #4 — this can be a new assignment, a revised assignment, or a Course Calendar with contextualizing headnote. I’ll be giving you feedback on this one in our scheduled individual face-to-face conferences. 

Due Tuesday, 5/30

 Finals Week
Project/Portfolio Presentations
 Tuesday June 6 In class: Project and Portfolio presentations & submission