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Replacing your claims with researchers’ claims

[Many researchers argue that …] As neighborhoods get white-washed and become trendy tourist locations, important historical information and cultural narratives become extinct.

[Some urban planners assert that …] Cities are notorious cultural melting pots. As cities become more and more the same and lose their sense of individuality to cater the visions and desires of the white middle class, the world as a whole loses its sense of individuality.

And did you see this OED definition of gentrify?: “”To renovate or convert (housing, esp. in an inner-city area) so that it conforms to middle-class taste; to render (an area) middle-class.”

[Cultural critics have asked …] Are you really experiencing the uniqueness of a city if you can get the same brunch, shop at the same trendy boutique, and work out at the exact same yoga studio in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles?

[Some people argue that …] universities seek to attract the most academic, experienced, and worldly students from around the world, putting less and less emphasis on curriculum and credential teachers. 

[Others claim that …] Today it’s all about construction the best resume and finding a job. 

[Some research suggests that …] Higher expectations and a push for timely graduation have made students less concerned about the value of the education they are receiving, and more worried if their transcript will look good.