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Course Calendar

Please note that this calendar is designed to be flexible: we may make changes along the way, depending on your interests and the needs of the class. Should you miss a class, you are responsible for finding out what you missed from a classmate and for knowing about—and adjusting for—any calendar changes. Professional protocols and collegiality ask you to alert us if you’ll be missing on a day when we’re having a workshop or when you are scheduled to present materials.

 Week 1
“We Are What We Find, Not What We Search For”
Tuesday March 29  In class: Introductions, key terms, course goals:

  • Key terms:
    • assumption
    • assertion
    • premise (another example: Aristotle)
    • claim + support =
    • argument
  • Key methods
    • summary
    • analysis
    • synthesis
    • integration — two forms: mechanical and rhetorical
    • persuasion & advocacy
  • Digication: log in, create “Précis” section, and compose Précis page
Thursday April 1 Reading: NYT, continued
In class: 

Weekend advice: We’re reading the New York Times at an interesting time in its early-in-the-21st-century redevelopment in both print and digital platforms. You should spend some time browsing its most recent digital manifestations on Facebook, on its mobile apps — I recommend the “Today’s Paper” app — via podcasts, and on its web site

 Week 2
Summary & Integration
Tuesday April 5

Reading: NYT:
In class: Revising and editing précis
Due: Rhetorical précis

Thursday April 7 Reading: NYT,
In class: 
 Week 3
Is Reading an Act of Composing?
Tuesday April 12

Reading: NYT article TBA Sunday and a 60-90 second overview of an article of your choice, telling us why it is significant to you and why it should be significant to us

Thursday April 14 Reading: NYT, as assigned
In class: 
 Week 4
From Text to Context
Individual Conferences, TBA
Tuesday April 19

Reading: Sunday Review and Page A1

Background: review in St. Martin’s Handbook

Thursday April 21 Reading: NYT, as assigned
In class: Workshopping Proposals
Due: Contextual Analysis Proposal & Map
 Week 5
Argument & Advocacy
Tuesday April 26

Reading: NYT TBA
In class: Library Workshop: focus on the hands-on searching aspect so that you can get personalized help during the session. 

Due: Mid-term self assessment

Thursday April 28

Reading: NYT TBA
In class: Writing workshop and Stasis Theory & Practice
Due: Contextual Analysis Draft #1

Review in St. Martin’s Handbook:

  • 10: Preparing for a Research Project
  • 11: Conducting Research
  • 12: Evaluating Sources and Taking Notes
  • 12c Evaluating usefulness and credibility
  • 13: Integrating sources into your writing
 Week 6
Truth-seeking behavior vs. Bullshit: 
Writing with a Method, Perspective, and Authority
Tuesday May 3 Reading: NYT TBA
In class: Contextual Analysis Writing Workshop — paragraphs; visual & logistical coherence
Thursday May 5

Reading: NYT TBA
In class: Peer Reviews
Due: Contextual Analysis Draft #2 —

  • Mark every paragraph with a [P] [I] [E]
  • Bold every paragraph transition
  • Highlight your potential wolf sentence
 Friday  May 8th  Due by midnight: Editorial Peer Reviews
 Week 7
Proofreading, Editing, and one-on-one conferences
Tuesday May 10 Reading: NYT, as assigned
In class: Contextual Analysis Writing Workshop: Proofreading
Thursday May 12 Reading: NYT TBA
In class: Contextual Analysis Writing Workshop
Due: Contextual Analysis Draft #3 — proofreading version, with Informational Abstract
 Week 8
Op-Ed Essays
Tuesday May 17 Reading: NYT TBA
In class: Persuasive Writing Workshop
Due: Op-Ed Essay draft #1
Thursday May 19 Reading: NYT TBA
In class: 
Persuasive Writing Workshop
 Week 9
Tuesday May 24 No class: Memorial Day
Thursday May 26 Reading: NYT TBA
Due: Op-Ed, final draft

Preview: Digital Writing Portfolios

 Week 10
Tuesday May 30 Reading: “A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.” – Arthur Miller, 1961
In class: Portfolio editing workshop
Thursday June 2 In class: Portfolio workshop

Extra portfolio office hours:
  • TBA
 Finals Week

Final Exam Week

We will meet during our assigned Final Exam time for the final, official delivery of your WRD104 Portfolios:

9:40 section:  Thursday, June 9, 8:30 AM to 10:45 AM

1:00 section: Thursday, June 09, 11:30 AM to 1:45 PM