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Preparing for Draft #2: Contextual Analyses

I’ve sent everyone feedback and/or met in Office Hours on your Contextual Analysis #1 drafts. They are looking good. Really good. In fact, most of the feedback was consistent and I can summarize it for you here:
  • Be sure to alert readers early that you are analyzing other people’s arguments and claims: some people claim this, some researchers imply that, some writers have suggested this, some psychologists have advocated that … see paragraph #2 here for a good example.
  • It is not wrong to think of a Contextual Analysis as a big comparison & contrast essay, in which you compare and contrast sources.
  • Having a contextual framework is really helpful on these projects, as it helps you to gather and structure your ideas even before you sit down to write, and it can help readers to understand your approach, structure, and analytic priorities. In fact, for many of you, that’s all you’re missing. 
In terms of logistics and planning:
  • I was able to make some adjustments, and your 2nd draft is now due Wednesday, the 6th, not Monday
  • Be sure to place your 2nd draft in a separate page — we need to be able to track the drafts and see changes between #1, #2, and #3 — keep them separate. This will pay off for you later.
  • Don’t hesitate to be in touch — with me, or with the Writing Center, or both — if you need any help!

And keep up the good work.