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We aren’t the first to inquire …

This is mostly for the 9:40 section: I was just a little curious, so I looked to see if our little inquiry project has been written about before, and guess what?:
“Growing up I learned that hats come off when you enter a public building. Through 21 years of sitting in classrooms, I never saw a hat on the head of a fellow student. Wearing a baseball cap in a classroom would be as disrespectful as wearing one at a wedding or a funeral or in a church at any time.”
“Today college students turn up in classrooms with all kinds of headgear, but especially baseball caps.”
“Mr. Handler is headstrong about baseball caps. He insists that the caps, which are de rigueur for all self-respecting American males between 11 and 17, have no place in the hallowed halls of learning.
“Yes, I confiscate the hats,” he said. “I’m trying to teach common courtesy and civil human behavior.”
Date unknown“Cancer patients are exempt from hat rules. They may keep their hats or caps on at all times if they wish.”
Emily Post Manners.