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Laptop Requirements

Students who register for Laptop Required sections will use personal laptops in class to pursue course requirements and learning outcomes identical to those in non-laptop sections of the same course. Registering for this course affirms your ownership of a personal laptop computer and your commitment to bring it to each class meeting, just as you would a textbook or calculator.

The following will apply:

  • Your laptop must: connect wirelessly to the Internet; have Microsoft Office software or an equivalent suite, Adobe Reader, and the capacity to stream video and audio.

  • Because the capacity to plug into a/c current may not be provided in the classroom, your laptop must be sufficiently charged to run on battery power for the duration of the class.

  • Failure to bring a charged laptop to class on repeated occasions will have a negative impact on your course grade. Back-up laptops will not be provided.

If these conditions are unacceptable, or you anticipate difficulty meeting expectations associated with a Personal Laptop Required section, please register for a different section.