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Notes on paragraphs & paragraph development

From our St. Martin’s Handbook:

5c: Developing paragraphs
5d: Making paragraphs coherent
5e: Linking paragraphs together

From the NYT article, “How Can We Help Men? By Helping Women”:

[P] Actually, it wouldn’t, because “gender-neutral” work practices and social policies were traditionally based on a masculine model. [I] Employers assumed that there was no need to accommodate caregiving obligations because the “normal” worker had a wife to do that. Policy makers assumed there was no need for universal programs such as family allowances and public child care because the “normal” woman had a husband to support her and her children. [E] Accordingly, most social benefits, such as Social Security and unemployment insurance, were tied to prior participation in the labor market.  Welfare was a stigmatized and stingy backup for misfits who were not in a male-breadwinner family.