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Notes for your Rhetorical Analysis

Notes from class yesterday:

Part of this project is getting practice identifying and using the resources available to you, including time management, problem solving, and professional followthrough. In the case of the Rhetorical Analysis project, you have:

  • Me! mmoore46@depaul.edu
  • Writing Center (and see especially the rhetorical analysis page under “types of writing”)
  • St. Martin’s Handbook, chapter 8 on reading & analyzing arguments, especially 8g: A student’s rhetorical analysis of an argument

And then you have some very specific critical reading-and-writing tools in your writing quiver that you can pull out when needed:

  • Exigency
  • Rhetorical situation
  • Rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, logos (St. Martin’s)
  • Tone
  • OED