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Contextual Analysis Project Resoures

In the spirit of problem solving and self-regulated learning, here’s what we brainstormed in class yesterday:

It’ll be smart of you to track your progress at every stage of our process so that you can both self-assess and know when & where to identify resources for help. Depending on your own process, this might look different for different people: 

  • Brainstorming (SMH 44-5)
  • Initial Research (SMH 190-260): what’s the landscape?
  • Draft (Lamott)
  • More research
  • Revise: overall, “global,” big-picture issues: tone, level of detail, does it accomplish the assignment? 
  • Get feedback (SMH 66-76)
  • Revise more
  • Research more
  • Edit (SMH 87-88): for us, so far, this has meant paragraph development and transitions
  • Get more feedback
  • Revise more
  • Proofread (SMH 1-11); Lunsford, “Top Twenty Errors”
  • Formatting/Presentation — academic essay genre conventions