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Course Texts & Materials (required)

We have two required course texts for our section of WRD104:

 The St. Martin’s Handbook, 8/e Andrea A. Lunsford. Hard copy in print: ISBN: 978-1319053888 (includes four-year online Launchpad access)

 The New York Times: Sunday print edition

Subscribe to the New York Times at the campus bookstore and you’ll pick up your Sunday print edition each week at the library Circulation Desk. DePaul.edu discount rate: $42.50 (regularly $6.00/$60.00.)

In order to receive credit for this course, you need to bring your Sunday print copy to class — every class — unless we made other arrangements during Week 2.

 You’ll also need a hard-bound journal of some type for your ongoing dialogic & reflective journals.

We’ll be reading the New York Times seven days a week in various print and digital formats: our Sunday edition is in print, and the other six days we access it on the web, or via mobile apps, tablet apps, and other possibilities.

  • Highly Recommended: you’ll want to acquire an external hard drive for your work, projects, files, etc., and you should back up your work regularly. I have developed the practice of backing up all of my work every Friday afternoon — it only takes a few minutes — and the peace of mind is worth it. I speak both from personal experience and from watching far too many colleagues and students lose all of their work, always at the worst possible time, because it was not backed-up, saved, or archived anywhere.