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Stasis, Common Ground, and Persuasion

Two examples from the 1:00 section:

End discrimination (in context, we were talking about “liberal” or progressive values)

  • Stasis=? (is is about equality? homophobia? something else?)
  • Education: diversity, empathy, exposure to “difference”? 
  • Legislation: no federal legislation; GLAD
  • Example: LGBT+ via library > A-Z Databases & Resources > Academic Search Complete
  • Causes

Protect us from terrorism (in context, we were talking about “conservative” values)

  • Stasis=?
  • Intelligence
  • Military: “The underlying theme of this paper is that while the use of military means to fight terrorist organizations can have clear drawbacks and unwelcome consequences, this does not necessarily mean that a democratic state should eschew the use of the armed forces as part of an overall counterterrorism policy.” [p. 120]
  • Law Enforcement
  • Causes (via Google Scholar); how to customize Google Scholar on your computer for access