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Persuasive Essay: A Researched Argument

Your Options:

  • Compose a 750-1000 word persuasive essay based on the issue and the research you just completed for your Contextual Analysis Project
  • Compose a  750-1000 word persuasive essay based on an issue that demonstrably & directly affects you, and for which you want to do new research
  • “Are Texts That Display Differently Different Texts? The Role of the Device— Cell, Kindle, Tablet, Laptop, Paper—in the Making of Meaning.” Write a 750-1000 word process description of reading the same NYT article 3-4 times, on 3-4 different platforms — print, PDF, phone, laptop — with an eye toward this question: does the device contribute to the meaning of the text? (Will include screen captures, annotations, etc.; visually, it might look something like this, in my abbreviated version: http://composing.org/wrd104sq2014/nyt-print-digital/ )

Audience specific:

  • Readers in an academic discipline? Students and faculty in History, for example … or in Economics, or Sociology, or Theatre?
  • DePaul students?
  • DePaul student Republicans?
  • DePaul student Democrats?
  • NYT Op-Ed readers?
  • Your congressperson?
  • Fr. Holtschneider? 
  • For the reading process description, your audience can be us — the people in your class; assume that we are smart & curious.