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Remixing the New York Times

Your choice:

  • Remix the New York Times
  • Remix your Op-Ed essay

Remix = recontextualizing an existing text, image, sound, or other material in order to give it a new meaning. Watch “Everything is a Remix.”

Multimodal composing: the purposeful and rhetorical integration of different meaning-making modes—alphabetic text, sound, video, materiality, gesture/performance, color, animation, photographs, drawings—in order to achieve an intentional, rhetorical effect

View previous DePaul students’ remix projects.
View remix projects from students at University of Maryland; see especially “the media tree”

Remix Worksheet assignment (500 words +/-):

  • The product that you will create, based on brainstorming a few different possibilities
  • The processes or methodologies that will be (or could be) employed in composing that product
  • The resources, materials, and technologies that will be (or could be) employed in the creation of that product
  • The specific conditions in which your remix project will be experienced by readers – this involves planning and structuring the delivery, reception, and circulation of your remix project. Your guiding questions here: how do you want your reader to experience your remix? Why? What steps can you take to achieve those effects?

Our Process:

For remix planning purposes:

  • What meaning do you want/expect/anticipate that your viewers or listeners will get?
  • What assumptions did you make about your audience in terms of prior knowledge, expectations, or their ability to “get it”?
  • Are there any specific choices and decisions that you made along the way that seem to anticipate your audience’s prior knowledge, expectations, or their ability to “get it”?
  • Are you able to accomplish something with your remix that you could not have accomplished in an essay? Or that you accomplished differently