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Multimodal Essay: Literacy & Technology

Genre: Multimodal essay
Audience: WRD faculty and students (primary); New York Times Masthead (secondary) 
Learning OutcomesRhetorical Knowledge; Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing; Knowledge of Conventions; Processes
Length: 500-750 words; include embedded links and compelling visuals, audio, or video
BackgroundSt. Martin’s e-Handbook

Possible issues related to technology and literacy:

image title

  • Argue regarding DePaul Confessions
  • Compose a helpful essay for incoming WRD103 students: “How to Read the New York Times”
  • Create NYT art + 250-word artist’s statement: description and reflection
  • Are memes your generation’s editorial cartoons?
  • How can Tumblr be used in a writing class that focuses on the New York Times? There is no such thing as an ideal Tumblr post, maybe, but the platform does facilitate an integration of text, image, video, and sound in a logically coherent manner. Maybe seven posts in seven days that summarize, comment on, and share seven New York Times articles? Or combine this with the seven-day illustrated phenomenological journal on a series of your reading practices; see my example here, where I try to describe my reading experiences
  • Remix the New York Times (via Kompozer)
  • From “logical coherence” to “transgressive freedom”: how do you read? A seven-day illustrated phenomenological journal, perhaps, on a series of your reading practices; see my example here, where I try to describe my reading experiences
  • Propose your own project