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Remix Project Worksheet

Remix Project Worksheet (500 words +/-)

[1] The product that you will create

Describe as specifically as possible what you are going to make. Important detail here: brainstorm at least 3-4 possibilities. Don’t just come up with one and go with it. Legitimately brainstorm different possibilities — challenge yourself here — before deciding on one. Explain your choice.

[2] The processes or methodologies that will be (or could be) employed in composing that product

Describe how you will make whatever it is you are going to make (your process). If you are going to draw on outside sources — data, stories, information, interviews — how will you do that (your methodology)?

[3] The resources, materials, and technologies that will be (or could be) employed in the creation of that product

What stuff — what materials — will you use?

[4] The specific conditions in which your remix project will be experienced by readers – this involves planning and structuring the delivery, reception, and circulation of your remix project.

Here’s an important meaning-making & rhetorical feature: how do you want us to experience your remix? What do you want us to feel, to know, to understand? How can you structure and deliver your remix project so that plan is successful?


Exhibition notes: Burying the Lede:

Newspapers are still with us, but the public role of at least the printed version is greatly diminished. We have effectively left the era of the printed page in which newspapers covered the land like rain. Yet, as the world becomes increasingly virtual and digital, newspapers take on an expanded role in our imaginations.

This exhibition will focus on currently working artists whose engagement with the material and content of newspapers gives us a window on its changing status. All of the artists grew up with newspapers as quotidian objects. They are perhaps the last generation to do so. In a process that obliquely reflects earlier times, when the daily paper was passed from hand to hand, or news passed verbally from person to person, the task of curating this exhibition was passed from artist to artist.