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Digital Writing Portfolio: Theorizing Yourself as a Writer

  • What did you do in this class? How is it significant?
  • How, when, and where did you challenge yourself intellectually in our course — where did you really stretch yourself?

Audience: Instructor, classmates, WRD/FYW administrators, university assessment committees
Genre: Digital Essay 1000-1250 words

11/8 class notes:

  • Honest, authentic reflection — sometimes known as metacognition or metacognitive writing
  • Multiple specific examples of your work in your reflection: “for example …”
  • Workable links to your projects and drafts when you refer to them in your reflective essay
  • It’s a first-person narrative, and if you can tell a story of your time in WRD 103 for 10 weeks, tell that story; feel free to look back to high school as your starting point of you’d like
  • Your chalkboard notes

I would add only one bullet to your otherwise excellent lists: 

  • Empathy: “I am human; therefore, nothing human is alien to me” (extra credit if you get that tattooed by Tuesday)

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