ENT2962: Making Enterprise Work Visible

“How people work is one of the best kept secrets in America.” – Lucy Suchman

Communication Contexts is an introduction to the possibilities and opportunities of technical and professional communication on project design teams. The course is designed to help you explore the types of communication that support your Enterprise Team, to clarify what communication roles you might play on your Team, and how to use these professional strategies in your post-Enterprise professional careers.

In order to accomplish this, we begin in Weeks One and Two by discussing your current role(s) on your Team and how you see implicit and explicit communication practices functioning on Enterprise Teams. We then convene an Enterprise Communication Conference, which is entirely designed, facilitated, and delivered by you and your Enterprise Team members. Like any professional conference, we will have speakers, special sessions, breakout sessions, a poster session, and concluding reflections.

During our initial meetings Weeks One and Two, we appoint team coordinators, section coordinators, and conference coordinators who work together and with me to plan conference sessions, to manage conference logistics, and to evaluate conference proceedings. The theme of this year’s Communication Conference is “Making Communication Work Visible,” based on our initial reading of Lucy Suchman’s article “Making Work Visible.”

To recap, we meet three times:

  • Week One, as scheduled
  • Week Two, as scheduled
  • Conference Day, 9:00-4:00 p.m.