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Course Portfolio

Portfolios play many roles in academic and professional life: artists use them to  document and to showcase their work over time; architects use them to present drawings, media, and projects to clients; writers use them to make connections between the kinds of work that they do individually and collaboratively for any number of creative, academic, and professional goals and readers.

In each case, purpose and audience help to guide your rhetorical selection of materials, your reflections on those materials, and their presentation. In WRD at DePaul, we use digital portfolios as a way for you to showcase your work and to explore what you’ve learned as you reflect on that work.

For WRD320, you have two portfolio options:

Option #1: design and compose your portfolio based on the course learning outcomes. You could, for example, make sections for each of the outcomes and use pages to show your work. Your introduction could go on the main “home” page.

Option #2: curate your work and showcase it in whatever fashion helps you to reflect on it and help readers make sense of it.

In either case, we’re all obligated to take a swing at this question: what is the relationship between code and content?

Finally, I would love to read something like this: can you present three different pieces you’ve worked on and show connections or patterns between them? Do you notice anything interesting when you look at three pieces of your work next to each other? I really would love to read something like that.