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Write like a Babylonian

1. Print out your monogram in cuneiform from the Write Like a Babylonian webpage.
2. Roll out Sculpey clay onto a 4×6 card.
3. Using wedge-shaped pieces from a Trivial Pursuit game and a popsicle stick, copy your cuneiform monogram onto the clay.
4. Optional: using a pencil, make holes at the edge of the clay, for hanging later.
5. Bake the clay pieces in an ordinary oven — instructions on Sculpey boxes — until brown and ancient looking!

Type like your Mom or your Grandmother

We can take this opportunity with our typewriting experience to explore some of the cultural and socio-economic aspects of writing technologies. For example, compare some of the advertising claims with some of the claims you encounter today with the internet, e-readers, computers, and apps.