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Search for truth or workforce needs?

9:40 section, it’s interesting & serendipitous that the same day we were talking about the role of truth-seeking behavior in persuasive writing, this appeared in the NYT: 

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker abruptly backed off Wednesday from a contentious plan to eliminate the University of Wisconsin System’s public service mission statement known as the “Wisconsin Idea” and replace it with the charge of meeting the state’s workforce needs.

[ … ] 

Walker had wanted to insert language in the budget stating the university’s mission was “to meet the state’s workforce needs.” He wanted to remove language saying UW’s mission is to “extend knowledge and its application beyond the boundaries of its campus” and to “serve and stimulate society.” He also wanted to remove the statement “Basic to every purpose of the system is the search for truth.”

NYT: “Walker Backs Off Removing ‘Wisconsin Idea’ From UW Mission”

Here’s the context from class:

Nate Silver presents his BS-meter — modeled on the old terror alert system — to evaluate information sources and “expertise.” “Probability is the waystone between ignorance and knowledge. Sometimes the pundit who says ‘I don’t know’ is the one you should trust.”