TWC5/421: Arizona State University, Polytechnic Campus, Spring 2010

Individual Project Reports & Logs

Beginning with Week Four (Monday, 2/8), you will post a weekly Project Report on your individual blog:

  • Create a new post, titled Project Report, Week Four (Week Five, Week Six, etc.)
  • Document and reflect on your work and efforts for the previous week: What’s going well? What’s not going so well? What are your goals for next week?
  • Pay attention to your audience: you’re essentially documenting internal documentation for an external audience. This is not rare in technical communication, but it requires thinking about the needs, expectations, and biases of your primary audience — me, and your TWC5/421 colleagues — and how the information might be received by unanticipated by secondary, tertiary readers. In terms of tone, aspire to professional and reflective.

Due: every Monday @ noon — feel free to post sooner, while the week is still fresh on your mind — reporting on the previous week’s project contributions and teamwork. Your first required post will be Week Four, on Monday 2/8, then, reporting on your work from Week Three: your planning and proposal process.

Evaluation: I don’t require a particular word count, but in my experience, you’ll need at least 2-3 fully developed paragraphs to deliver the necessary information: [1] what’s the project’s status? [2] What’s going well? [3] What’s not going so well? [4] What are your goals for next week?

While not required, you’re encouraged to integrate images — screen captures, sketches, prototypes — in your Project Report.

Project Reports that are posted by noon on Mondays and that demonstrate some level of detail in the required elements receive full credit; those that do not, do not.

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