TWC5/421: Arizona State University, Polytechnic Campus, Spring 2010

Course calendar

Please note that this calendar is designed to be flexible; that is, we may make changes along the way, depending on the interests and needs of the class.

Grad and post-baccalaureate students please note that a Background Report — a “White Paper” — or an extended Annotated Bibliography requirement, is due week 12.

Week One: Jan 19-24: Getting Started

  • Post Forum Introductions, due Thursday 1/21
  • Read Intro Letter, from me to you, under “Course Documents”
  • Compose Course Survey to help us plan, due Friday 1/22; uploaded to DropBox
  • Post Course Acceptance Memo, due Sunday 1/24; uploaded to DropBox
  • Discuss project possibilities and questions

Week Two: Jan 25-31: Project Discussions

Week Three: Feb 1-7: Proposals & Audience Analyses

Week Four: Feb 8-14: Project Research

Week Five: Feb 15-21: Project Prototypes

Project and file-management note:

From this point in the course and project onward, pay close and careful attention to your project files, making regular backups during the week, naming your files such that you have iteration1.doc, iteration2.doc — or iteration1.pdf, iteration2.pdf, etc. — such that, at the end of the semester, you have an archive of your versions, and the ability to articulate the differences and editorial changes between versions.

Week Six: Feb 22-28: Project Iteration #1

  • Due:
    — group: either another goal/problem/solution cycle or a review (see week 6 forum)
    — Portfolio group: follow your self-paced schedule and provide a weekly update with visual examples — a screen capture or file
  • Individual Project Report/Log (team-based participants will complete an individual self-assessment, based on the readings)

Week Seven March 1-7:
Copyright Law in Technical & Professional Communication

Week Eight: March 8-14:
Editorial Review Versions

  • After you’ve made more progress on your project this week, post an “editorial review version” (posted by Wednesday, 3/10). Include in your forum post 3-4 specific questions that we can use to respond with detailed feedback.
  • Provide detailed feedback for two classmate’s projects, based on their review-version questions; deadline, Friday 3/12

Spring Break — March 14-21

Week Nine: March 22-28:

  • TBA

Week 10: March 29-Apr 4: Problem-solving & Project Iteration #2

  • group: readability/usability (due Sunday Week 11)
  • Portfolio Group: reflection statements (due Sunday Week 10)
  • Individual Project Report/Log

Week 11: April 5-11: Project Iteration #3

  • Group: Project Iteration #3 with Usability/Readabilty Report
  • Portfolio Development Group: Self-paced Schedules
  • Individual Project Report/Log

Week 12: April 12-18

Week 13: April 19-25: Editorial & Design Reviews

Week 14: April 26-May 2

Week 15-conclusion: May 3-4: TBA

  • Final iteration posted to Week 15 forum

Friday, May 7th: Presentations Due

  • Due: Your presentation slides, posted to Presentation Forum

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