Summer 2011

GRAD Projects

Graduate students enrolled in MWTC courses develop self-designed projects intended to explore an area of multimedia, computer-mediated professional communication, research into new and emerging communication & design technologies, and related fields.

Particularly successful projects are those that combine a student’s professional, civic, or academic interests with theories of design and communication.

Because many students in MWTC courses increasingly come from a wide range of ASU programs — Political Science, Public Affairs, Education, Art, Graphic Design, Information Technology — these projects are notable both for their intellectual rigor and for their interdisciplinary scope.

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Summer 2010: Principles of Technical Communication

Jeanette Buenger
Sherri Porter
Cecilia Zoltanski

Fall 2009: Principles of Writing with Technology

Marcus Berry

Jeanette Buenger
Patenting a Web Application: an In-Progress Case Study

Anna Glenn
An Analysis of Apple’s Branding Strategies

Rebeca Gomez
How Professional Writers use the Internet to Promote Themselves, to Network, and to Work.

Megan Kearney
Can Technical Documentation Be Beautiful? Should it Be?

Jennifer Schaefer-Cochran
Do We Need eBooks?

Summer 2009: Principles of Technical Communication

Megan Kearney
Digital Printing & the Impact on Yearbook Publication

Spring 2009: Principles of Writing with Technology

Angela Barrus
Leading and Learning: Web 2.0 and Beyond

Janine Blake
Communications Media and Millennials: The Impact on the Future Workplace

Julie Espinosa
Don’t Be a Robot: How to Network Using Social Media

Cara Labrie
The Recession in Media: Print and Online Coverage of the Nation’s Financial Crisis

Virginia Simmon
Web 2.0: Embrace it or Avoid it in the Writing Classroom?

Fall 2008: Principles of Technical Communication

Colleen Beier
Linux: An Operating System Alternative

John Chapman
Web Accessibility: 10 Best Practices for Developers (7.6 MB)

Mary Fox
Working from Home: A Realistic Guide for Telecommuting Mothers

Jeffrey Holmes
Leaving the Path: Writing and Reading the Webbed-Text

Elizabeth Lawson
The Rise of Green Marketing in Corporate America

Gabriela McManus
Mindful Communication in the Workplace

Ryan Stump
Change Your Light Bulbs: Saving Energy is Conserving Green

Summer 2008: Principles of Technical Communication

Kristy Roschke
The Text Generation: Is English the Next Dead Language?

Ryan Stump
Change Your Light Bulbs: Saving Energy is Con$erving Green

Jessica Walczak
Are Helmets Protecting Us? Arguments For and Against Helmet Laws

Spring 2008: Principles of Visual Communication

Mindy Redburn-Smoak
Do You See What I See? Effective Use of Visuals In Multi-Media Design
PPT 16.4MB | PDF 4.7MB

Lori Miller
Integrating the Visual (Whatever That Means) Into Composition Classes

Derrick Mendel
The Health Care Identity Crisis: A Visual Analysis

Marcia Mazzarotto
Visual Literacy: An Annotated Bibliography

Sugathri Akkiraju
Techniques to Enhance Learning Experiences in Visual Communications

Fall 2007: Principles of Writing with Technology:
From Papyrus to Pixels

Michele Mosco:
Reflections on the Design and Presentation of a Professional Teaching Portfolio

Ryan Schumacher:
The University Press in the Digital World: A Bibliography

Spring 2007: Principles of Writing with Technology:
From Papyrus to Pixels

Julie MacNeil
Using Soundslides in Web Presentations: The Changing Face of Online Journalism
Presentation (HTML)
Instructions (PDF)

Eric Pasternak
Moving to Web 2.0: An Annotated Bibliography

Valerie Roberts
Rage Against the Machine: The Rise of the Millennials

Julia Wolfe
Citizen Journalism and Blogging

Summer 2006: Principles of Technical Communication

Drew Brown
Outlook and Organizing Your Real Life: A Guide

Rex Clark
Web Design: The Need for Process

Julia Wolfe
A Guide to Starting a Writing Business from Home

Steven Yazzie
Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Indian Communities: Is It Closing the Digital Divide or Leaving American Indian Communities in Its Digital Dust?
[In revision]

Spring 2006: Principles of Writing with Technology:
From Papyrus to Pixels

Jennifer Dance
Faculty Preparation: Exploring Effective Strategies for Preparing Faculty to Teach in Distributed Environments

Jeffrey Hardee
Movie Piracy and Intellectual Property

Cyndi Kessler
Writing and Compiling a Help File: A Vlog
(CD version available)

Deborah Prewitt
The F.A.C.E. of Writing for the Web: Fresh, Active, Concise, Evocative

Nicole Saidi
New Media Wiki Project
(PDF archive)

Patricia Yasolsky
New Media: A Vision of New Literature or Tech Fad? (Podcast)

Fall 2005: Principles of Writing with Technology:
From Papyrus to Pixels

Scott Crooker
Winning the War on Spyware

Lynn Gorton & Sheryl Trexler
Evaluation of Night Kitchen’s TK3 Software for the Multimedia Writing and Technical Communication Program at Arizona State University

Spring 2005: Principles of Writing with Technology:
From Papyrus to Pixels

Christine Hagen
The Silent Art of Book Design: An Introduction for Technical Communicators

Gwen Minnier
Certification Watch: The Debate Over Certification of Technical Communicators Continues

Jenell Ybarra & Christine Hagen
Communication, Art, and Aesthetics: Communicative Art and Today’s Classroom

Sarah White
Open Captioning vs. Rear Window Captioning: Researching Accessible Technology for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals

Summer 2004: Principles of Technical Communication

Jose Perez Avila & Eric Shepard
The FAA’s Bird Ingestion Test: Background for Non-Engineers

Spring 2004: Principles of Writing with Technology:
From Papyrus to Pixels

Julia Carrillo
The Relevance of Creative and Consistent Communication in the Online Learning Environment (Barrett Honors College Research Paper for Principles of Writing with Technology)

Fall 2003: Principles of Visual Communication

Michael Collins
Rural Arizona Chambers of Commerce: Usability of Web Sites

Judith Judson
The Developmentally Disabled and the Use of Technologies: An Annotated Bibliography

Deborah Sterkowitz
Impact of the Internet On Older Adults: An Annotated Bibliography

Fall 2003: Principles of Writing with Technology:
From Papyrus to Pixels

Neal Duncan
Information Architecture as Intellectual Property

Summer 2003: Principles of Technical Communication

Michael Collins
A Survey of Rural Arizona Community Websites: Implications for Elder Migration

Susan Riley
Written Communication: Quality Assurance Statistical Quality Control

Renato Solines
Technological Platforms for a Consulting Company: An Annotated Bibliography

Spring 2003: Principles of Visual Communication

Wendy Feldbauer
The Silent Victims Of Media Images: The Story Behind the Pictures

Julie Jacobs
The Power Of Propaganda: An Historical and Visual Glimpse of War

Michael Kidd
Internal newspaper at war: Frontline, the Newspaper of the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) — A Visual Analysis

Cristina Luna
War in Real Time: Editing the True Face of War

Phillip Park
Technical Communicators and Empathic Design

Tara Seals
Visual Basic: An Analysis of Design Strategies in Domestic and International e-News Sources

Lisa Ramsey
Internet Dating Websites: You’re the Bait!

Spring 2003: Principles of Writing with Technology:
From Papyrus to Pixels

Wendy Feldbauer
Teaching MWTC Classes Online: A Teacher’s Basic Guide

Fall 2002: Principles of Writing with Technology:
From Papyrus to Pixels

Alissa Johnson
Blogs: Democratizing the Internet
(archived @

Patricia O’Shea
Web Design, Invention, and the Problem of Copyright

Phillip Park
Fair Use And Digital Copyright:
A Guide for The MWTC Community at Arizona State University East

Christine Schares
Computer Mediated Communication (CMC):
The Differences in Communication Styles between Men and Women

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