Summer 2011

Grad Project Resources


Graduate students enrolled in the course are responsible for researching and writing a Background Report — a “White Paper” — or an extended Annotated Bibliography on a topic that you are interested in, and which is negotiated with me.

MWTC Program goals and guidelines dictate that these papers engage in scholarly, critical, and theoretical contexts.

Audience: MWTC Faculty & Students
Format: Your choice: HTML, MS Word, PDF

Bibliography, Annotation, & Citation Resources

If you choose the “Extended Annotated Bibliography” option, provide a one-page (250 word) Introduction to the topic, explaining why the issue is important to multimedia designers and writers, and to professional technical communicators.

Your citations must be in either MLA or APA style, and your annotations must be done in rhetorical précis form. A rhetorical précis is a highly structured summary designed to explain the rhetorical structure and purpose of an argument.

How to Write a Rhetorical Précis:

Sample Annotated Bibliography, in Précis Form — the topic is “Usability”:

Rhetorical Précis Page (English Department, Winthrop University)

Précis: Annotated Bibliography (Jim Zeigler)

The materials for our rhetorical précis form are adapted from Margaret Woodworth’s 1988 article: “The Rhetorical Précis.” Rhetoric Review. 7 (1988): 156-63.

Citing your sources

MLA Style

MLA Citation Style: How do I document sources from the World Wide Web in my works-cited list? (from the MLA online)

Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format — Purdue Univ.

APA Style

APA Style: Electronic References:

APA Electronic Media Spelling Guide (helpful!)

Using American Psychological Association (APA) Format — Purdue.

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