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Course Calendar

Please note that this calendar is designed to be flexible: we may make changes along the way, depending on your interests and the needs of the class. Should you miss a class, you are responsible for finding out what you missed from a classmate and for knowing about—and adjusting for—any calendar changes. Professional protocols and collegiality ask you to alert us if you’ll be missing on a day when we’re having a workshop or when you are scheduled to present materials.

Week 1
“We Are What We Find, Not What We Search For”
Wednesday 1/4

In class: Introductions, key terms, course goals:

  • Key terms: claim, fact, assumption, premise, opinion, ideology, argument, advocacy
  • Key concepts:
    • Interpretive communities
    • Reader-based writing that accomplishes something
  • St. Martin’s Handbook
    • Reading Critically 7a
    • Summarizing 7c
  • WRD103 portfolio review and plans for integrating your WRD104 work: Digication: log in, create “Summary” section, and compose summary page

Due: Course survey

Weekend advice: We’re reading the New York Times at an interesting time in its early-in-the-21st-century redevelopment in both print and digital platforms. You should spend some time browsing its most recent digital manifestations on Facebook, on its proprietary applications, via podcasts, and on its web site.

Week 2
Relationships Between Research, Audience, & Purpose
Mon. 1/9

Reading: NYT article
In class: Rhetorical précis method of summary
Due: Article summary via Digication

Background: review in St. Martin’s Handbook 8d on rhetorical appeals, and 8e, on elements of argument — especially claims, assumptions, and premises

Wed. 1/11

Reading: NYT, continued
In class
: Rhetorical précis method of summary
Due: Rhetorical précis revised from Monday’s summary, and:

9:40 section: “Dynasty, North Korean-Style”
11:20 section: “The Random Horror of the Death Penalty”

Week 3
From Text to Context
Individual Conferences, TBA
Mon. 1/16

Reading: NYT article TBA Sunday and a 60-90 second overview of an article of your choice, telling us why it is significant to you and why it should be significant to us
Due: Rhetorical précis
In class: Planning Letters to the Editor and Op-Ed pieces

21st-century alternatives to Letters to the Editor?
21st-century alternatives to Op-Ed pieces?

Wed. 1/18

Reading: NYT, continued
In class
: Letter to the Editor Workshop & Submissions
Due: Letter to the Editor

9:40 section: Rhetorical précis on “How Fares the Dream?”
11:20 section: Optional rhetorical précis on “How Fares the Dream?”

Week 4
Arguments & Advocacy
Mon. 1/23 Reading: NYT article TBA Sunday
In class
: Op-Ed Workshop
Due: Op-Ed Draft: “What is College For?”
Wed. 1/25

Reading: NYT continued
In class
: Proofreading Workshop & Submissions
DueOp-Ed marked-up Draft #2: “What is College For?”

In class: Rhetorical précis and peer review on two classmates’ Op-Ed articles

Fri. 1/27 Due: Online library workshop 
Week 5
Choosing and Narrowing a Topic: Argument, Persuasion, and Advocacy
Mon. 1/30

Reading: Sunday NYT
In class
: Review and discuss initial inquiry questions

Due: Research strategies: “What are Books For?”
Op-Ed Final Draft: “What is College For?” 

Wed. 2/1

Meet in the Richardson Library Room #109
Library and database workshop

Due: Research & Argumentation Module
Draft #1: “What are Books For?”

St. Martin’s Handbook 10b: analyzing the assignment; 10c: narrowing a topic; 11a: differentiating kinds of sources

* Fri. 2/3

Mid-term Reflective Essay

Week 6
Writing with a Method, with a Perspective, and with Authority
Mon. 2/6

Reading: NYT article TBA Sunday
In class
: Research & Argumentation Module Q TBA, posted to your Digication site

Due: “What are Books For?”

Wed. 2/8 In class: NYT article TBA Sunday
Draft #1: Research & Argumentation
Week 7
Method, Perspective, and Authority, Continued
Mon. 2/13

Reading: NYT article TBA Sunday
In class: Workshop & peer review: St. Martin’s 12c (sources)

Research & Argumentation 

Wed. 2/15 Reading: St. Martin’s 4b: Peer Review
In class: Revising and Editing Contextual Analyses
St. Martin’s Companion site: the Top 20 
Week 8
Workshop: Remixing the New York Times
Mon. 2/20 Reading: NYT article TBA Sunday

: Contextual Analyses — one or two, depending on the option you chose — see email for final checklists; proofread, saved, and published on Digication
Wed. 2/22 Reading: NYT, continued
In class: Remix the NYT Workshop
Week 9
Mon. 2/27 Reading: NYT, continued
In class
: Remix the NYT Workshop

Wed. 2/29

Reading: NYT, continued
In class: Remix the NYT Workshop


Week 10
Mon. 3/5

Reading: NYT article TBA Sunday
In class
: Portfolio workshop

PreviewWRD104 course portfolios
Review:  FYW Portfolio Showcase

Option #1: WRD Learning Outcomes-based Digital Portfolio
Option #2: 
WRD Curated Digital Portfolio
Option #3WRD Digital Portfolio

> Due: remixes and NYT meme project

Wed. 3/7

Reading: NYT, continued
In class
: Portfolio workshop

Finals Week
 Mon. 3/12

In class: Portfolio workshop


Due: WRD104 Course Portfolio

Section #227: Monday, March 19th, 8:45-11:00 a.m.
Section #228: Wednesday, March 14th, 11:45-2:00 p.m.

We will meet during our assigned Final Exam time for the final, official delivery of your WRD104 Portfolios. Extra office hours will be available if you need help with your portfolio before and during Finals Week.