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Context for Brooks: “An Opportunity Coalition”

“Is there a way to improve family patterns so disadvantaged young children grow up in more ordered environments? Is there a way to improve Head Start and intelligently expand early childhood education? Is there a way to structure neighborhoods so that teenagers are more likely to thrive? Is there a way to get young men wage subsidies so they are worth marrying? Is there a way to train or provide jobs for unemployed middle-aged workers?”

“The Opportunity Coalition” 1/30/2014

  • Stasis?
  • Common ground?
  • Shared values?
  • Persuasion in the service of …?
  • “What’s possible”?

The American Renaissance Is Already Happening” 5/15/2018

“Back in the 19th century, during their heyday, Whigs promoted infrastructure projects, public education, public-private investments and character-building programs to create dynamic, capitalist communities in which poor boys and girls could rise and succeed.”