Spring Quarter, 2010

Week One / Green Face / WordPress Post

There are several purposes for your initial WordPress post:

  • Provides an opportunity to become familiar with the WordPress platform early and often
  • Asks you to manage text and images in your Girl With the Green Face analysis
  • Requires that we pay attention to our audiences, since our work is online

For this initial project post, present your primary source–an image of the painting–and reference at least two secondary and two tertiary sources. A minimum of one of your sources must be a print, not digital source.

  • Summarize your sources and your process for locating your sources.
  • Discuss what seems to be at stake for the authors and sources that you cite: what are their arguments? What do they seem to value and to care about? What “meaning” do they attribute to Girl With the Green Face? How do their views, materials, and arguments affect your understanding of Girl With the Green Face?
  • Cite your sources according to the citation style of your choice
  • Email your WordPress link to me

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