Spring Quarter, 2010

Research Project Proposal

Due: Mon. 4/26

The purpose of your proposal is to justify your research question and to demonstrate your own credibility in pursuing the question:

  • Present your research question
  • Describe your process, using Lunsford’s narrowing steps, pp. 216-18 (a hypothesis is optional)
  • Discuss to whom your topic and question is relevant, and why
  • Provide three initial citations, in prĂ©cis form

Format: posted to your WordPress blog. While there is no absolute minimum or maximum length, I assume you’ll need 2-3 fully developed paragraphs for describing your process — how you developed, focused, and narrowed your topic and question over the past week (in addition to Lunsford, feel free to include office-hour discussions and class discussions) — and 2-3 fully developed paragraphs discussing the relevance and importance of your topic and question.

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