Spring Quarter, 2010

Disciplinary/Professional Research Project

Disciplinary/Professional Research Project Components

Length: 1250-1500 words
: your choice — discuss your primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences in your Project Proposal

For this project, choose an academic discipline or professional area in order to analyze your field’s discourse conventions, research methodologies, citation styles, and other expectations:

  • Interview two people in your chosen field — faculty, graduate students, or non-academic professionals — and collect information based on questions that we discuss collectively in class
  • Research databases and publications in your chosen field and identify contemporary issues
  • Compose a Research Project Report in which you synthesize your interviews and research, including a judicious range of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources

Reading in support of your project: Lunsford, Part 3: pp. 211-300, especially, early in your project, the sections on “Conducting Research” (222-248) and “Integrating Sources” (270-280).

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