Spring Quarter, 2010

Contextual Analysis Project: What is College For?

Compose a project that advocates your researched perspective on the question: What is college for?

There is a minimum requirement of three credible sources, one of which must be a book.

Include a cover letter that describes what your researched perspective is.

  • First draft due Monday, May 17.
  • Second draft due Monday, May 24.
  • Final draft due Monday, May 31.

Possible stakeholders, contexts, and audiences to consider — we brainstormed this in class — if only to anticipate objections to your position, or to develop rhetorical appeals and advocacy positions:

  • State and national legislators
  • Parents
  • Students — past, current, and future
  • Faculty
  • Industry and business
  • Media
  • Communities and civic organizations
  • Cultural critics and activists
  • DePaul University: VISION twenty12.

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