WRD 103: Composition & Rhetoric I: Autumn Quarter 2014 Rotating Header Image

Remixing the New York Times

Your choice:

  • Remix the New York Times
  • Remix your Op-Ed essay

Remix Worksheet assignment (500 words +/-):

  • The product that you will create
  • The processes or methodologies that will be (or could be) employed in composing that product
  • The resources, materials, and technologies that will be (or could be) employed in the creation of that product
  • The specific conditions in which your remix project will be experienced by readers – this involves planning and structuring the delivery, reception, and circulation of your remix project. Your guiding questions here: how do you want your reader to experience your remix? Why? What steps can you take to achieve those effects?

Our Process:

  • Tuesday, 11/4: Preview, planning, brainstorming
  • Thursday, 11/6Remix worksheet
  • Tuesday, 11/11: Remixing the New York Times workshop
  • Thursday, 11/13: Remixing the New York Times workshop
  • Tuesday, 11/18: Remix and reflective Statement of Goals and Choices (SoGC) due (500 words +/-)