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Hiphop, according to the artist KRS-ONE:

In its true essence, Hiphop cannot be (and should not be) interpreted or described fully in words. It is a feeling. An awareness.

1 Intellectually, it is an alternative behavior that enables one to transform subjects and objects in an attempt to describe and/or change the character and desires of ones being.

2 Hiphop is a unique inner-city awareness that enhances ones ability to self-create. It is a “sight.”

3 In the past Hiphop was spelled “hip-hop.” True Hiphoppas are advised to spell Hiphop with a capital “H,” as it is the name of our collective consciousness and our kulture.

4 Hiphop, spelled “hip-hop,” means (hip) trendy, (hop) jump or dance. We are not just a “trendy dance” however, those that spell Hiphop like this (hip-hop) usually approaches Hiphop like a trendy dance or music.

5 In addition, Hiphop’s kultural unity is established by spelling Hiphop as one word, “Hiphop,” unless the term “Hiphop” is being displayed as art or in public advertisement.

6 Those that spell Hiphop, “hip-hop” are undermining Hiphop’s kultural unity and demeaning the importance of what Hiphop really is.

7 Know this. Hiphop spelled “Hiphop,” is not only the code for writers that participate in Hiphop’s preservation, generally it is a matter of respect!

KRS-ONE. 2000. “The First Overstanding ‘The Refinitions’.” Davey D’s [electronic] FNV Newsletter.

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