Spring Quarter, 2010

Final Report

Final Reports Due: Monday, June 7
Length: 2000-2500 words
Audience: Your choice

Write an essay or compose a multimodal text in which you discuss how you achieved the course learning outcomes:

  • Define terms in context for the design, distribution, and reception of multimodal texts
  • Identify rhetorical and aesthetic traditions in which text-and-image projects appear
  • Compose a multimodal project in the service of an argument or advocacy
  • Articulate the intended effects of your multomodal project and the steps you took to achieve those effects
  • Present and explain your multimodal composing processes for multiple audiences

The initial possibility that we discussed in class: define terms our key terms — discourse, mode, multimodality, rhetoric, design, interactivity — for two out of three of those audiences: Academic, Professional, or Community. This would, in essence, be two shorter papers, for two different audiences, unless you want to synthesize in just one, such as a comparison and contrast format.

Write a reflective paper arguing for (or against) the notion that our two projects are — or are not — reflective of “new media.”

Explore the concept of “collective expertise,” and illustrate, via a case study, how our two projects can only be accomplished with that consensus-seeking methodology. One source for defining collective expertise (and there are others): Koivunen, Niina. “Collective Expertise: Ways of Organizing Expert Work in Collective Settings.” Journal of Management and Organization. 15(2009): 258-276.

Propose an alternative or creative project.

Rachel’s potential proposal: Each group compiles a summary on the process and tasks that the group accomplished. And also include a final design or tangible piece. All these processes and final pieces are compiled for each client into two large project summaries. At the end of the quarter, every student will have a complete project management and portfolio piece.

For discussion:

  • A “final design or tangible piece” of what?
  • How would each individual team member participate?

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