Team Roster

Director of Operations  
Michelle Rombach, Bio/Pre-Med

Director of Business 
Andrew Frey, Biomedical Engineering
Business Team 

  • Travis Barro, Civil Engineering
  • Angela Hoffman, Psychology
  • Lars Ramseyer, Electrical Engineering

Director of Communications   
Lydia Patch, Bio/Pre-Med
Communications Team    

  • Jessica Mitchell, Chemistry
  • Lars Larson, Materials Engineering
  • Zachary Vahakangas, Exercise Science
  • Lars Ramseyer, Electrical Engineering
  • Angela Hoffman, Psychology

Co-Directors of Technology   
Troy Cogan, Civil Engineering
Steven Johns, Mechanical Engineering

Science Research Group   

  • Jason Schram, Chemical Engineering
  • Jacob Harvey, Geological Engineering
  • Brendan Daun, Biomedical Engineering
  • Tianlu Shen, Environmental Engineering
  • Isaac Ford, Physics/Education
  • Niki VanBelle, Chemical Engineering


  • Woodward Beardsley, Civil Engineering
  • Ryon Barker, Civil Engineering
  • Craig Schmid, Mechanical Engineering
  • Adriano Rothschild, Environmental Engineering

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